Junior Elpis Israel Class was given several years ago and considered parts 1 and 2 of Elpis Israel. It was targetted at young people aged 12 and up. It was an interactive class utilizing Skype and WebEx to join young people round North America Aroudn the Word of God.

 JEI_Class01 - Our Foundation.mp3

 JEI_Class02 - Let There Be LIght.mp3

 JEI_Class03 - The Purpose of God.mp3

 JEI_Class04 - The Name.mp3

 JEI_Class05 - Knowing God.mp3

 JEI_Class06 - The Elohim.mp3

 JEI_Class07 - The Formation of Man.mp3

 JEI_Class08 - The Carnal Mind.mp3

 JEI_Class09 - THe Spiritual Body.mp3

 JEI_Class10 - The Crucible.mp3

 JEI_Class11 - The Knowledge of Good and Evil.mp3

 JEI_Class12 - Gen 3v15 (part 1).mp3

 JEI_Class13 - Gen 3v15 (part 2).mp3

 JEI_Class15- The Way.mp3

 JEI_Class16 - Cain and Abel (Gen 4).mp3

 JEI_Class17 - The Antedeluvian Apostacy.mp3

 JEI_Class18 - Sons of God Saw Daughts of Men.mp3

 JEI_Class19 - The Tower of Babel.mp3

 JEI_Class20 - The Foundation of the Kingdom (pt1).mp3

 JEI_Class21 - The Crossing of the Red Sea (uncle Mark O'Grady).mp3

 JEI_Class22 - Foundations of the Kingdom (pt2).mp3

 JEI_Class23 - Foundations of the Kingdom (pt3).mp3

 JEI_Class24 - Heir of the World - The Promises to Abraham.mp3

 JEI_Class25 - The Throne of His Father David - The Promises to David.mp3

 JEI_Class27 - Bridging the Testaments - the 70 Weeks Prophecy.mp3

 JEI_Class28 - The Son of the Highest (pt1).mp3

 JEI_Class29 - The Son of the HIghest (pt2).mp3

 JEI_Class30 - The Son of the HIghest (pt3).mp3

 JEI_Class31 - The Birth of the Messiah.mp3

 JEI_Class32 - The Substrate.mp3

 JEI_Class33 - Baptism & The Breaking of Bread.mp3

 JEI_Class34 - The Resurrection (part1).mp3

 JEI_Class35 - The Resurrection (part2).mp3

 JEI_Class36 - The Judgment.mp3

 JEI_Class37 - Sinai the place of Judgement.mp3




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