This booklet deals with the struggle we all engage in with our nature.

"Most people never identify the enemy and consequently lose the battle.  Some blindly ascribe all the wrong in the world to an imaginary phantom, the Devil, over which they have no control.  This allows them the leisure of not facing the real enemy. The Bible does not allow us this deceptive luxury. The enemy is real. The battle is taking place on the home front.  The enemy is the nature we have inherited.  It is the source of our problems. God sent His son to destroy the enemy right in its own field of operation, and He has invited us to join the battle."

This booklet deals with the issue "chapter and verse", using scripture to identify the problem, and using scripture to identify the solutions that God provides us with. 

Published in 2014. A total of 170 pages with verse index at the end to help find any passage. The booklet is available to ship out at a cost of $8.00 plus postage. Contact the author to calculate outpostage. 

The table of contents is provided:




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