Surviving Perilous Times is a study of our behaviour during crisis, and an examination of why God brings us into trials. 


"Every community of believers experiences trial during its history. Each generation is put to the test and every brother and sister is tried. When controversies arise, strong feelings are often expressed and many despair at what to do, wanting to do the right thing, but not sure what actions to take. Do we follow those elder brethren we have trusted because we respect them? Do we follow our hearts and simply do what feels right? Do we join in with those who we like and are naturally disposed to get along with? We all want to do what is scripturally right, but how do we know we are not self-deceived? The scriptures exhort us:

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves …” (2 Corinthians 13:5).

It is with this principle in mind this study has been conducted. The goal of this study is not to reexamine the Statement of Faith on any particular issue. It is our belief that the Statement of Faith is firmly supported by scripture. Rather, we are determined to look to our own conduct and consider our own ways. Paul tells us to ‘consider thyself,’ and ‘to prove your own works’ (Galatians 6:1,4). The word ‘consider’ is the Greek word skopeo, (Strong’s #4648), meaning to fix one’s eyes upon and contemplate. ‘Prove’ is the Greek word dokimazo, (Strong’s #1381), which means ‘to test, examine or scrutinize whether something is genuine’. Dokimazo was used by the Greeks to describe whether coins were of full weight when tested, or if gold had been shaved off. Our goal should be to use the scriptures to consider, examine, and prove our individual thoughts and actions during controversy to see if they are genuine."

Published October 2013. 114 Pages. 

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