Letters To The Ecclesias

Letter to Smyrna (part 4)

Given Monday, January 5, 2015.

We finish the study of Smyrna looking at "The Devil will cast some of you into prison"

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White Board Notes from Class

The Emperors


(Caesar’s Heir) •24BC-14AD• Reigned during the birth of Christ, gave the decree to tax the all the world (Luke 2:1)


14AD-37AD• reigned during the ministry of Christ


37-41 AD• (evil emperor assassinated)


• 41- 54AD• Mentioned in Acts 11:28,18:2 – expelled Jews from Rome


•54-68AD• Burned Rome, blamed the Christians

  • Believed he executed Peter and Paul.
  • Gave the decree to begin the Jewish Wars.
  • Committed suicide


68-69AD• (7 months) – Assassinated


69AD•   (3 months)  - Suicide


69AD•  (8 months) – Executed by Vespasian’s soldiers


•69AD-79AD• Was a general under Nero and had begun the siege of Jerusalem with his son Titus which was abandoned with the death of Nero (see: Olivette Prophecy – “when Jerusalem is encompassed with armies”).

  • Went to Egypt, proclaimed emperor by his soliders…
  • Traveled to Rome and took over as emperor
  • Ordered Titus to finish the siege of Jerusalem


79-81AD• Was the general who destroyed Jerusalem and led the Jews captive (see arch of Titus in Rome).

  • Became emperor after his father's death
  • Died of a fatal illness - some say poisoned by his younger brother Domitian.


•81-96AD• (Titus’ younger brother) was proclaimed emperor by the Praetorian Guard in 81 AD.

  • Domitian also revived the practice of the imperial cult, which had fallen somewhat out of use under Vespasian
  • Recorded as executing and banishing “Christians” – Recorded by Historians Tacitus and Dion Cassius
  • John wrote the book of Revelation during the time of Emperor Domitian in AD 96 “was in the isle of Patmos for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:9)


•96-98AD• Restored liberties of the Roman Empire

  • Cancelled Domitian’s “banishment” decrees
  • Died of natural causes


98-117AD• Restored persecution against the Christians. 

  • Letters are recorded between Pliny and Trajan describing what to do with the Christians.
  • It would be during his emperorship that the Christians were persecuted – for the 10 Days-Years
  • Day for a year PDF of Bible Marking Insert:  - DayForYear.pdf

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