The Cherubim in Eden - Part 1 of 6 

The 1st class considers the Cherubim in Edom, and the beginnings of the purpose of God to draw out a people for his name. We look at the “way” to the tree of life and how God took steps to preserve it with the flaming sword. We also consider the meaning of the Cherubim, that which is ridden or inhabited by the Deity, and resembles the Deity.


The Cherubim in the Wilderness - Part 2 of 6 

The 2nd class considers the Cherubim in the tabernacle and the temple. It begins with an examination of the meanings of the four faces as a parable of discipleship. We then see how Israel was a vehicle of God’s will, resembling the majesty in their journeys through the wilderness.


The Cherubim in Isaiah - Part 3 of 6 

The 3rd class looks at the Seraphim in Isaiah the story of redemption of the saints in preparation for use by the father in the work of the truth. We also consider similar visions in Exodus, Daniel, throughout Revelation and at the transfiguration.


The Cherubim in Ezekiel Part 4 of 6 

The 4th class begins looking at Living Creatures who were driven by the spirit under the motivation of “Here am I; send me!” We look at the symbols in Ezekiel, the whirlwind, the wheels, the beryl the eyes, the wings, the feet – and how these relate to discipleship


The Cherubim In Ezekiel: Full of Eyes - Part 5 of 6 

The 5th class considers the Cherubim of chapter 10 who are full of eyes. We consider Ezekiel being carried up in spirit and vision to Jerusalem where he sees the state of affairs when judgment begins at the house of God. We consider the Cherubim as it leaves from Jerusalem and goes out to the mount of Olives. We consider how this is the precursor to Christ’s ascension.


The Cherubim in Revelation - Part 6 of 6

The 6th class focuses on the Cherubim in the throne room vision of Revelation. We look at the one on the throne, the lampstands, the 24 elders and the 4 living creatures, as well as the lamb in the midst of the throne. We also look at other elements such as the rider on the horse and see how the saints are involved in the unsealing of the book. 


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